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Your business is very personal to you, and it is my mission to get to know you and your passion. Click the links to learn more about these businesses. I'm sure you will be inspired.


As a small business owner looking to take my company to the next level, having Angela on my team has been invaluable. She is a true entrepreneur at heart and understands the importance of thinking big and acting small - getting great results by being creative and thinking outside the box. She leverages her network and relationships to bring value to her clients. I don't believe Angela would take on a client she didn't believe in because when you work with Angela, you feel she is part of your business family.             — Funlayo Alabi, Founder & CEO

When this iconic NYC bakery came to DC, I was great fun to share with them my knowledge of the area and of the unique food-scene of the Nation's Capital. In addition, the timing was perfect to support the Levain team as they roll-out their newly developed frozen CPG product into Whole Foods Market locations in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic Regions. Fully baked, frozen cookies. You have to try them! 

Rory's Market.jpg

Rory Eames purchased her mother's beloved organic market and stepped into big shoes, taking over a legacy brand on Cape Cod. She had a clear plan to grow the business for a new generation. We guided Rory and her team as they renamed and re-branded, launched new charitable programs and brought the business into a new era. 

Angela is intentional in the planning and goal setting for your business. She looks at you as a person and finds ways to allow your voice to shine through. By allowing clients to remain true to themselves, their business reflects a realness which I find invaluable.             — Tenja Young, Owner

Folk & Palate1.png

Savvy Syrups by Sherrie makes handcrafted simple syrups that inspire creativity and fun in the kitchen. Creating custom infusions, whipping up sorbet, dressing fruit salads, moistening layer cakes, mixing muddle-free cocktails and adding flavors to your favorite beverage.

I teach the Hospitality + Tourism Management program at this girls school in Bladensburg, MD. This professional development course prepares the students for careers in all areas of hospitality. As a consultant, I'm often working alone. This rewarding opportunity allows me to continue to mentor and lead the next generation of women business leaders. Contact me if you need interns or would like to be a guest a speaker!


This local company which started with one location and grew quickly to 15, was in need of marketing leadership to help their small marketing team and bring their program up to the standards of their restaurant. One thing we enjoy doing is working as a link between the in-house marketing and leadership teams and outside agencies.

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