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Front Burner - a 6 month membershipprogram

Front Burner, 12-week membership program with Favorite Daughter, LLC.

The place to share, connect and grow your business 


Everyone has their favorite burner on the stove…it’s always one of the front burners. Mine is the front left.  BUT, when it comes to your business or that project you want to launch – somehow it always seems to end up on the back burner. It’s time to bring your business to the front burner. 
Bring it forward so you can focus on it and so everyone can see its brilliance, your passion and what you’re cultivating. You can finally take that seed and grow it into a business.

Program includes

Welcome to Front Burner. The place to share, connect and grow your business for entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. If an idea has been percolating for weeks, months, or even years – it’s time to bring it to the front burner and heat it up. 


Be honest….have you been getting in your own way?

Many of the business owners who come to me feel isolated or overwhelmed. Let’s face it, that’s why their business keeps getting put on the back burner. 


Their perfect scenario would be having someone there to hold their hand. Someone who will love their business the way they do and help them flourish as they grow and scale. And guess what? That’s me!

I created Front Burner for people just like you – who are ready to bring their vision to life. 

It’s time.

Spend 12 weeks with me in a small group setting as we get you out of the unknown and into growing and thriving. Through a mix of hands-on work, learning sessions and focused working time we will create a clear path to action. I will help lead your business forward with support of my expertise in marketing, business development, strategy and creating valuable connections.

Program Includes
  • 12 Weekly Group Meetings 

  • Individualized Support 

  • Drop-In Office Hours (1x per month)

  • Deep Dive Working (1 x per month) - optional time for focused work

  • Business Strategy: Audit, Brand Clarity + Mission

  • Marketing Plan: Audience + Messaging

  • Implementation: Taking action on the plan 

Business Bonus
  • 1 Instagram Live Chat 

  • 1 Email blast as “Featured Favorite”

  • $1,500 for 12 weeks

 If this sounds perfect for you and you're an action taker there is a button below to sign up now. If you have questions or want to find out more, schedule an introductory call.


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