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2022 1st Quarter -Favorites & Finds

Creatives - Design, Illustration, Words, Photography

Caile has a vast background in hospitality - from hotels and inns to food + beverage to airlines. She is a writer and storyteller. Her niche is taking your brand and ensuring that the story is elevated.

You will never work with a more pleasant, delightful and happy designer. Oh, and she's talented. Graphic and hand-lettering.

Design for various types of businesses

I had to add Kate to my site for a while. She is such a storyteller with her camera. I worked with her for many years. Her love of food, farming and people is evident in her work. Visit her website just to feel good.

Podcasts + People Saying Things

If you have not started doing some type of anti-racism education for yourself, get to work. Especially if you're white and reading this (which is probably most of you). Louiza "Weeze" Doran is an educator and coach. And beyond. I love this woman. I learn something from her Instagram account DAILY. If you are rolling your eyes or saying, "I don't need this." Then you need it.


Gonna be kinda hard to explain this one, too. It's listed as a podcast about food and food media. But it deviates. Hosted by Laurie Woolever & Chris Thornton. Their guests are amazing. They play a fun game at the end of each episode. They love weird candy. Just go listen.


Lindsay Collins hosts this podcast and her description is perfect: a Charleston-based podcast taking a ridiculous look at the food and beverage community. Tackling the issues that don't matter at all. She's pretty funny and sometimes she has guests and sometimes it's just her going on about food and people.

Folk & Palate

My friend Tenja is working to tell stories of people in food in a unique way. Curating the connection between the human story and the power of food. Help her out - follow along on Instagram & Facebook. Watch out world...

Food & Drink - i can't list them all! So many loves.

Delightful spot with a bar in Takoma Park. Carry out, sit on the patio. They sell wine, too.

Seriously amazing Mexican food. My friend Christy from San Diego gives her approval. Also plenty of vegan options.

There are a lot of choices for pupusas in this area, but these are the best. Fight me.

Last website update I focused on the brewery so this time the cafe gets focus because I had some crazy coffee drink there. Here's the link. And NOW they also have retail store.

If you're reading in order... this is the store owned by the Burley folks. Vinyl records, cool clothes. Mostly stuff for guys.

My love of tahini has no end. But you have to get good quality tahini that is smooth. Not the chalky stuff. They also make halva. And my friend Shimme works here. So get this one

GREEK Things - because you know, Greeks.

These shoes are so beautiful. They are comfortable. The price is a commitment - but they are made by hand, with quality materials. They will last forever. I only have one pair and I wore them all over Greece. I bought them at the Greek Festival - of course.

I never knew we made wine on Chios! We followed some very winding roads to get there. Assyrtiko would be common Greek wine from the islands. The dry red Aftsitros is unique to Chios. Cultivated since ancient time from Chiotiko Krassero + Ayannitis varietals.

​Shops & Retail Therapy

Growing the DC maker community and now coming to Maryland (College Park)

Love the hope of discovery

My friend Cary has shut down her shop, but she has an amazing food blog. Be sure to sign up!

Small-batch clothing made in NJ

Doing Good

I serve on the board of this non profit contemporary art center. Visit the store for unique, handmade gifts. Insider tip: visit Vigilante Coffee across the street.

One of my clients, Shea Radiance has partnered with an important project to provide 1k clean cook stoves to the women who collect the shea butter for the beautiful products she creates.

Do not be fooled. There are ways to feed children a healthy meal at school. You can take some very easy steps in your community. Check it out.

I so love this organization. They document, study and explore the diverse food cultures of the American south. Subscribe to their podcast and journal called Gravy.

Beauty & Things that Smell Good

See Peggy for your hair and Erwin for your brows. You will be so happy.

My gym. Just trainers and their clients. Ask for the owner, Nick.

It’s not glamorous, but trust me when I say this is solid nail care. It’s big so you rarely have to wait. Manicures last.


Places to Visit - an all maryland/dc list this time.

Assateague Island National Seashore

I don't camp, but if you do you can do it here! I got for day trips. You can see the wild ponies. Walk the beaches. It's lovely.

Washington, DC

It's not a swamp. You just keep electing swamp-y people who move here.

Hyattsville, MD

Ask me about it. If you're not hanging around Prince George's County you're missing out.

Berlin, MD

It is the best stop on the way to or from the beach. The most darling town with a brewery, bakery, shops and all sorts of things. Frankly, my friends are tired of hearing about it.

Baltimore, MD

We don't call it Charm City for nothing, hon. So much innovation and creativity. Dare I say, it's infested awesomeness.

Education & Learning - shout out to my Alma Maters

Hey Blue Devils! Stay tuned - the class of 1989 is launching a mentorship program. All alumni

are welcome (encouraged!) to join as we give back to the next generation.

​My alma mater - sure, it’s a school for engineers but I found my way to the Humanities & Social Sciences. Go Wolfpack

Formerly known as the French Culinary Institute - this was one of many career changes.

Started the Hospitality & Tourism Management program here. If you are able to come speak to students or hire interns let me know.


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