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3 Ways Small Businesses Panic about Social Media

My company offers social media management services. I wasn’t originally planning to have this service, because it's a lot of work and the expectations placed on social media are way too high. But many people have requested it, so here I am! The key to remember is this: social media for business is not the same as social media for personal use. Just because your 18 year old nephew is “good at social” - whatever that means - doesn’t mean they are the right person for your business platforms.

Last month my colleague Denise Cagan of DCA Virtual and I led a social media training and it got me thinking.... Can we make it easier and less stressful for small businesses?

I have to post many times a day, many times a week!!

That’s just not true. Yes, if you can post more than once a week/a day it’s better. It’s okay to start small - set a day of the week that will be your content creation day. Plan out what you will post that week and have it set up automatically to post.

We HAVE to be on all the social media platforms!

That’s like saying “I have to run a Super Bowl ad.” Is this where your audience is? Who are you talking to? Why are they interested? Each platform is unique. Tik Tok may not be for you.

I’m gonna mess it up.

I mean, you might. It’s not likely. If you are speaking from your business, from your heart and you’re being real - you will be fine. Remember why you started the business and why people should be buying from you. And it will fall into place.

Finally, remember that social media is one tool in the business tool box. It can only do so much. Look at it as a piece of your brand and consider how it can serve you.

If you would like training, let me know. Denise and I can structure something for you and your team.


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