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Holiday Music Debates

Here is what's on our minds at Favorite Daughter.

Holiday Music Debates

My students and I had the classic debate last week - the one that comes up every year at this time. Is November 1st too soon to start the holiday music? Do you wait until Thanksgiving? December? Never play them ever? Never too soon, if you ask me! I am "that" person. Way back in the day, I worked with a writer who made holiday mixtapes. Yes, they were actually cassette tapes. Along with the music, he always wrote an amazing poem recapping the year and recording this as an introduction. He found obscure holiday songs and worked for hours on this tape. Not everyone got a mix. He and I had a trade going - I made him Rice Krispie Peanut Butter Balls, I got the tape. Seemed fair. Some of you receiving this email know the him and I'll send you some holiday treats this year.

With the news of the supply chain issues impacting holiday shopping and cooking - it's going to be another weird holiday season. That means you have even more reasons to shop smaller and hyper-local. How creative can we get this holiday with our gift-giving? Do you want to make a mixtape and write a poem (ok, it can be on Spotify)?

Here are some creative, small business gift ideas to get you started:


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