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looking back to look ahead

Does it feel like we are still processing 2020 while 2022 is rushing toward us? That’s okay. It’s perhaps a little cliché to suggest we look back and celebrate all that you have done. Do it anyway - even the little things. I was recently asked to do this exercise and was a bit cynical, to start. I set a timer and just started writing - and there really are some small things that made this year great. If you do it, let me know what you came up with.

One thing that rose to the top of the list was my Instagram Live series. I have spoken to 18 very different people about their careers, business, and the courage to pursue their desires. The key themes for everyone have been:

  • There isn’t a ‘plan’ - even though everyone tried to have one, there isn’t one

  • When you have that idea burning, use it as fuel and go forward

  • You can have joy-based work - but it’s not going to come find you

If you have not joined us live, head over to my account @angrakis and take a listen. I started hosting these conversations to share the stories of some people who are really important to me. Let me know if there is someone you would like me to speak with. Eventually, this could become a podcast. Or not. There isn’t a plan right now.

To see some of our Instagram Lives Highlights and our Favorite of the Month:


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