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Not Grateful for Turkey

I’m not doing turkey this year. I’m just not. I’m not cooking it and I’m not eating it. There, I said it. Now, on to gratitude.

More and more we are seeing research on the connection between gratitude and how it can improve our mental health. As corny as it may sound, being grateful everyday is a practice that we can each incorporate into our personal lives. Can we also include this in our work?

Here are four ways to incorporate gratitude at work:

  • Start with your team: say 'thank you' every day. Be sincere. You would not be doing what you do without those around you.

  • Your suppliers, vendors and partners: send them a quick note appreciating what they do for you.

  • Ask your team for their input - they have ideas and want to be heard.

  • Customers - a handwritten note in their order or an unexpected email.

It’s not always a retreat, a party, or grand gestures. Yes, bonuses are amazing. But a smaller business may not always have the money on-hand.

If you need some inspiration, my friend Cheri Freeman-Watkins has a new podcast called BecuzOfU where her guests share stories of gratitude. You can also go to her website and request to share a story of gratitude. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

"Gratitude is the acknowledgment of the energy of the universe. Gratitude expresses and acknowledges connection, support, and love. It shows up differently for everyone but it is as powerful as it gets."

– Cheri Freeman-Watkins

Ok, I am grateful for the turkey farmers and the turkeys...


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