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Silver Spring: A Hometown Appreciation

Recently a friend remarked,

“Silver Spring has so many hidden gems…why don’t we know about these places?”

We live in Silver Spring, MD. A ‘suburb’ of Washington, DC which is not an actual city. We are unincorporated and we have over 80k residents. I grew up here, but never thought I’d move back. Instead of me telling you what I like about the place, I asked some locals. Check out what they say - including some dog-approved spots.

Dan Reed & Drizzy - Regional Policy Director at Greater Greater Washington

Favorite place to take Drizzy (the wonder-dog):

  • Silver Spring Ace Hardware. They allow dogs and Drizzy loves saying hi to everyone - and getting a treat (or several!). Going there is one errand we can always do together.

Hidden Gem you hope nobody finds, but you want them to succeed:

What kind of business is missing in Silver Spring?

  • Drizzy still takes me to Petco Unleashed, even though it’s been closed for months. I would really love a pet supply store we could walk to again!

Melissa Burke - Owner, Ricky 3 Sticks

What kind of business is missing in Silver Spring?

  • Zara, Uniqlo, HomeGoods, Nordstrom Rack, (had one before) Old Navy, and would love a World Market but I think they are going bankrupt.

Hidden Gem you want more people to know about - even if you secretly wish nobody would find it:

If Silver Spring were a celebrity, who would it be?

  • Maybe a multi-hyphenate actor who is not widely recognized or constantly confused with someone else. Or, an actor mounting a comeback!

Jeff & Ellen Martin (Parents to Willa, 6 and Sadie, 3)

Hidden Gem you want more people to know about - even if you secretly wish nobody would find it:

  • Astrolab Brewing - love their beer and atmosphere and being able to get a table when we walk in. Woodside Deli Cubanos - RIP

Best thing for kids

What business is Silver Spring missing?

  • We are still searching for a Woodside Deli replacement. We do go to Parkway Deli. More independent restaurants.

Jaqee Cooke, Founder Heart Soul Money

First - how long have you lived in SS?

  • Since 2018, so that makes it 4 years. However, I've always been within 3 miles.

What is a hidden gem that you want more people to know about?

  • If I tell you it wouldn't be a secret, but I think that it's already out. The little shopping center on Grubb Road is a gem. It has everything that you need. The best gym, Rock Creek Sports, The best deli, Parkway Deli, and my favorite nail shop, Fiona's Nails.

I stop at the Corner Market at least 4 times a week which has treats for the little kids with their ice cream shop in the back and the grown kids with a wide selection of craft beers and wine. Additionally, they have a nice selection of frozen and prepared food or fresh foods to make a meal. If you don't want to cook, not only do you have the deli, you have the Red Maple Asian Bistro, and lastly, the neighbor spot....The Daily Dish. Otherwise known as DD, it is the place where you meet your neighbors and make new friends. We even have a messaging group of about 15 regulars. One more thing... there is the paint store. It's perfect for the weekend painting projects you may have. The only business that I left out was the cleaners and that is because I haven't had much need to get things dry cleaned and the vet isn't taking new clients...

What businesses are missing from Silver Spring?

  • There is nothing missing in Silver Spring. It has everything except an 18 hole golf course, but Sligo Creek makes up for its lack of holes with a challenging track. Plus you get free music on Friday evenings.

If you had to describe Silver Spring, what would you say?

  • It offers the best of both worlds and cultures. I always considered DC to be diverse, but upon reflection it's really Silver Spring which has one of the largest communities of Ethopias in the US. You are close to everything that DC has to offer and the neighborhoods sometimes blend in... like Takoma Park DC and Takoma Park MD. It's also expansive. There are neighborhoods like mine that border the district, but you have the big box stores too. If I had to sum it up, Silver Spring has many jewels that unexpectedly reveal themselves. I can't think of anyplace with the diversity of foods, cultures, and activities... plus you can't drive past Woodmoor Bakery during the holidays without getting their Parker House Rolls.

If you’re in the DC area, be sure to swing by! Tell me what you love about where you live.


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