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Updates And Something New

I'm so excited to share with you some of the great things that our team at Favorite Daughter has been up to recently.

Connection & Business

Late in 2017, I sent out an email letting folks know that I was starting a consulting business. After many years working for various companies, learning from different leaders, and helping brands grow - it was time for me to do my own thing. I had one client - thank you Funlayo Alabi from Shea Radiance for putting your faith in me - and have since worked with over twenty brands and individuals to guide them as they pursued their passions.

Those of you on that first email, I promised I would not spam you - and I really kept that promise. This is the first newsletter I’m sending. I’ve had my email list, my Mail Chimp account - all the things I suggest my clients have. And I didn’t use any of these tools. I wasn’t ‘too busy’ - I just kept putting it off. More on putting things on the back-burner below.

A couple of things I’ve learned as a business owner:

  • Work with people that ‘feel right’ - that are aligned, that have that something that makes you excited to get on a 6 pm Zoom call. I can feel your excitement in your product or service, which gets me excited to bring it to life.

  • Focus on what is right in front of you - I spent a lot of years worrying about the end-game, the deadline, what was down the road.

  • Ask for help - I still cringe writing it!

If you have an interest in learning more, send me an email. Many of you have been instrumental in making my business successful and I am so appreciative.

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