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Good Vibes Don't Pay the Bills



In this episode of Heads Together, Angela Rakis, founder of Favorite Daughter LLC, to explore the importance of business boundaries.

Good Vibes Don't Pay the Bills - Why Business Boundaries are the responsibility of every entrepreneur, with Angela Rakis

Angela shares the story of Favorite Daughter LLC, explaining how the company's unique name originated from a classic dad joke. What starts as a technology fail turns into a fortuitous mistake that helps her build her business. We discuss the lesson behind Angela's experience, the importance of embracing mistakes and turning them into opportunities for growth. Angela explains how her company name often becomes a talking point in client interactions, sparking curiosity and engagement.

Angela's story shows the power of organic conversations, highlighting how natural, unplanned interactions can lead to opportunities and connections in business. We also discuss the significance of being open to these moments and how they can shape a business. Listen Here.

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