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Your business whisperer, vision organizer, and connection concierge


Have an incredible business idea but don’t know how to start? The truth is, tons of passionate people have incredible ideas, but the path to success can feel like a confusing maze and before long projects get stuck on the back burner.

But what if you could finally bring that project to reality?

That's where Favorite Daughter comes in. I'm Angela, your business whisperer, vision organizer and connection concierge with a passion for helping people like you turn their ideas into a thriving business.

Here's the deal: I know the entrepreneurial journey can be overwhelming. Self-doubt, negativity, the big picture feels blurry and actionable steps seem like a distant dream, and they probably are!

Together, let's uncover the gold nugget within your concept and build a solid foundation for success. No more feeling lost. We'll translate your vision into clear, actionable steps that move you forward.


Your personal cheerleader and business Mentor rolled into one

I'll celebrate every milestone with you while holding you accountable for taking action. But I don't just offer pep talks – I'm an expert in strategic planning, brand development, and targeted marketing.

Imagine that feeling - finally taking action with a clear roadmap and an expert by your side. This isn't just about launching a business; it's about building a legacy you're proud of.

Schedule a call and together let’s turn your vision into a reality.

About Me
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My passion for food and small/local businesses began at a young age. My grandparents owned a Greek market in Washington, D.C. : The Acropolis Food Market, where my mom would often drop my brothers and me off on weekends so she could run errands. The images of the Greek community gathering to hear the news of the week and seeing them connect with my Yiayia as she wrapped up their cheese and olives are ingrained in my memory.


I didn't know then that I would someday return to the District to follow in their tradition.


I've led a diverse career – my philosophy has always been that your career isn’t a straight line. I started as an account manager working in advertising agencies in New York City, where I built my creative energy and a foundation in strategic planning while working on national brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Denny’s and Jaguar Cars.


After a few rewarding years there, I knew it was time to pivot and follow my passion for food. I enrolled in The French Culinary Institute in New York City (now the International Culinary Center) earning my certification in Pastry Arts. While attending school, I learned the details of small business by working in the best cheesecake shop in New York City, Eileen’s Special Cheesecake. Eileen was proof that when you put heart into what you do, you will succeed. This inspired me to unite my business savvy with my personal passions.


in her element


Acropolis Food Market
circa 1964


Me & My brother, Anthony at my grandparents store

The natural next step was to combine my love for food with my background in business, and I joined Whole Foods Market as head of marketing. This was a dream role – I talked about food, sourcing, farming and local business each day. Whole Foods Market was also my training ground for retail execution, exceptional service and strong leadership. I established myself as a marketplace strategist and connector in the industry and recognized for leadership, innovation, creativity and driving results.

I was fortunate to be on the forefront of the organic, natural and local food movement, but after 10 years at Whole Foods, I was ready for a new challenge. Intrigued by an opportunity to see the retail business from a fresh perspective, I took a role with EDENS Realty. As Vice President of Marketing, my focus was on how our corporate marketing team, representing the company’s vast real estate portfolio, could serve the company’s mission of enriching communities. From nurturing independent businesses to creating engaging experiences for our visitors, our team crafted vibrant places to gather and engage. My efforts allowed our sales team to lease space to best-in-class retailers, restaurants and service providers.

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I offer a wealth of program management and strategic planning skills, a tenure of successful leadership and a clear passion for mentoring, marketing and brand management. My varied professional background ensures I provide a unique and valuable perspective on operations, consumer behavior, customer trends and business strategy.
When not working, I can be found discovering new restaurants in the D.C. area and tinkering in my kitchen. I am inspired by traveling and the cultures of other cities and countries


My Services.


Front Burner
Group Cohort

When it comes to your business or the project you want to launch – does it always seem to end up on the back burner?


It’s time to bring your business to the front burner. Bring it forward so you can focus on it and so everyone can see its brilliance, your passion and what you’re cultivating. You can finally take that seed and grow it into a business. Front Burner is the place to share, connect and grow your business for entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. 

Second Brain_white.png

Second Brain
Individual Consulting

Does this sound like you?

  • Experiencing uncertainty

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Struggling with articulating what you offer

  • Surrounded by that isolation that business owners often feel when leading an organization

My 1-on-1 sessions are a powerful mix of business planning and supportive guidance.  We'll work together to find solutions, refine your vision, and get you moving forward with confidence.  Honest feedback and an objective perspective are key to unlocking your full potential

One Day Intensive_edited_edited.png

One Day

Do you wish you had ONE DAY that was all about YOU?


One day to focus on your business and your vision. Pull up a seat. Turn off your notifications. Turn your vision into a thriving reality. I specialize in helping businesses like yours build a roadmap to success by combining big-picture thinking with expertise in marketing and development. Let's unlock your growth potential together.


Client Testimonials

“Angela Rakis and her creative team at Favorite Daughter went the extra mile for us in developing our website. We could not be any happier with the result.  From concept to design , they executed each step with with an attention to detail and care.  Most importantly, Angela and her team really took the time to learn our business, and that translated.  I would recommend Favorite Daughter to any company that is looking to establish a new website, or a total refresh.”
“Uber Talented, Patient, Efficient and Experienced…. Angela Rakis is a total pro.  We are so glad we hired Favorite Daughter. We absolutely love our website”

Sean Mullen, Gotham Energy

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