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Is this Love?

Love... What makes you "love" a business or a brand? Why do you shop where you shop? Eat where you eat?

February, the ‘love month’, real or manufactured. The pink and red show up before we have a chance to even ring in the New Year. Do love and business work together? I have come across a few articles in recent years talking about how ‘love’ should be part of a business strategy.

"Ask most people and they’ll say “love” and “business” are like oil and water — they don’t mix. Meant in a romantic sense, I would agree 100%. But when you hear the explanation of why love — the kind defined by empathy and support — not only can but should be a key part of your business strategy, I think you’ll agree that the two concepts belong together. " - Mohammad Anwar, Forbes Business Council

During my decade working at Whole Foods Market, we created a campaign called “Love.” It was about our love for our suppliers, farmers, community and team members. For those working on the brand, it was rewarding to consider what we loved and how we expressed it.

For entrepreneurs, it often starts with love or passion - and it can quickly devolve into resentment and drudgery. The thing we most wanted to put into the world suddenly felt overwhelming.

Keep the love alive…


Business owners often think this is for big companies or it’s just words on the website. Take time to write them down for yourself, your team, and those you serve. It is a reminder that you didn’t start this because you would get rich.

Tough Love is Love:

Last month we talked about business boundaries. It also ensures that you keep that resentment in check. You are holding strong in what you believe and why you do what you do.

The People:

With all the AI and ChatGBT talk - remember the people. It is perhaps naive to believe people will love their jobs or work. It starts with you, the owner/leader. This isn’t about being phony and pretending to love every day. You get to show empathy, flaws, and vulnerability and welcome this into your team.

What do you love? What small business do you love? Send me a note!

Want to read more about Love and Business? Here are the articles I mentioned above.


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