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You Need a Second Brain

We were never meant to go it alone. That was the opening line of my very first email when I launched my consulting business. That was hard to admit (and still is sometimes). After all, I’m an independent woman! I went out on my own, because I am competent, capable, and smart!

And yet… As business owners, creators, and idea-tors, the truth is: we often feel alone. (Hey, I see you: If you’re feeling that, let me remind you: you are NOT the only one).

When that feeling takes over, our brain short-circuits: emergencies, to-do lists, and the nitty-gritty daily grind cause overwhelmingness. The reason we started our business in the first place gets murky and vague.

  • What was I thinking when I thought this was a good idea?

  • Maybe I should just go back and get a job-job.

  • How am I going to pay for this business, much less pay myself?

We feel stressed and scared, and it can be hard to really SEE what will move our business forward. It can be hard to really FEEL the heart and soul of our business. This is when you need a Second Brain.

I have been the Second Brain to many business owners (thank you to my first client and dear friend Funlayo Alabi, CEO of Shea Radiance for calling me her second brain and spurring this idea!) helping them grow sales, find new avenues for revenue, and inspire more focus on their work.

Introducing my new program Second Brain!

  • Not only LOVE your business as you do but be able to SEE your blind spots - literally where you are leaving opportunities and money on the table.

  • Help you identify which strategies are worth your attention and what will have you continuing to spin your wheels in overwhelm.

  • See through the short-circuiting of your stress brain and help you find the clarity AND the connections to actually move your brain and your business forward.

If you have a business - or an idea - you love, but need some perspective, some clarity, and someone else to offer a map with powerful strategies (and some loving kick-in-the-butt motivation), then I want to invite you to spend the day with me for a SECOND BRAIN SESSION.

  • Create a road map for your biz, complete with an outline of the powerful strategy that moves you out of wheel-spinning and into biz-momentum.

  • Develop a vision for your business so that you return to the love of your business/idea. (Sounds cliché but this is actually something that will move you forward way more than stress and fear).

  • Help you weed through the confusion so you get crystal clear on what’s next. (Also, I am a master connector and will help you identify aligned partnerships).

Click here for all the details, and let’s get started!

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