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You Need a website: Here's Why

I recently updated my business website - another one of those “back burner” projects. I’ll get to it someday. Well, I got to it.

I’m seeing two approaches that businesses are taking regarding websites:

1. I’ll be updating it weekly, so much information!
2. Don’t need it, I have social media.

Approach #1

(This was me!) When I first launched the site, I had some high hopes. “My list of small business and food finds will be updated all the time.” That didn’t happen. As a small business owner, things get in the way - like running your business. A side effect of this approach is also wanting a website that has ALL the bells and whistles. I’ll address that below.

Approach #2

This is a misstep. You need a website (and an email list… but that’s for another day). There is nothing more frustrating than searching for a business and having the search re-direct to Facebook. Facebook and other social media platforms fulfill certain business needs. They are tools in your marketing kit. You don’t own your followers and they are not always buyers. Social media has a place. However, your website is your welcome mat. It’s your place on the internet, a storefront of sorts. It’s the place that tells your customer that you exist and why you do what you do.

Recently, I’ve had an influx of people asking for help with their websites. My team starts with strategy before anything else. We ask you a lot of questions before we even agree to build your website, and those questions will ensure that you have what you need to welcome people in. Your new website will have all the simplicity and easy navigation you need. We will keep you from over complicating it.

Samantha, a marketing expert from DCA - Virtual Business Support, had this to say:

No one piece of marketing is going to produce an ROI (Return On Investment). It's the strategy you put in place to tie those pieces together. A website is important because it's your home base. It's important for that home base to be easy to understand and easy to use. Keeping your website and social media up to date shows that you're innovating, you're in business and still reaching consumers.”

Send me a note if you are having website concerns and we will figure them out.


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